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Students prank sleeping principal at home: ‘You are in the most trouble’

The high school administrator did not expect to be hosting a senior sleepover.

My 'pervert' father-in-law is obsessed with my breast milk, I told his wife and things only got worse

A new mom explained how various incidents, including making inappropriate comments in their family group chat and eating her breastmilk muffins, ultimately led her to confront her inlaws.

Giant great white shark captured by daring diver with fish-eye view: video

An underwater tour guide filmed the moment a great white came within feet of his person during a sharking expedition.

I take a bus, train and boat in my 'brave' 2-hour commute to college

"Not once will I ever understand why I chose a college so far away, and why I’ve chosen it again for next year," the student admitted about her daily trek.

My wife cheated on me with my dad — now she's pregnant

"It’s sick — how could my father do that to me?” a distraught Declan wondered.

Pablo Escobar's feral hippos are being airlifted — to El Chapo's Mexican homeland

Colombian drug lord Escobar kept hippos on his ranch which went feral. Now some are being "rescued" and sent to El Chapo's homeland.

San Francisco dog owner shares warning after pet ate opioid-tainted human feces in park

A San Francisco dog owner issued a foul warning to other local pet parents after her dog got sick after eating human waste tainted with marijuana and opioids at a...

Taylor Swift fans claim 'post-concert amnesia' due to bizarre phenomenon

One concert-goer described it as "an out-of-body experience, as though it didn’t really happen to me."

I was humiliated ordering at a sushi restaurant: 'No, too much food!'

These fish tales aren't letting either party off the hook: Cassandra Mauro says she was degraded — the eatery's owners say they're the victims of "racially motivated harassment."

Most people are convinced summer starts as early as April: poll

Nearly a third of Americans prefer a good hot dog over a Thanksgiving feast (32%), according to new research.

Woman wins bizarre 'cheese-rolling race' — despite being knocked unconscious

The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling Race is a famed event that takes place in Gloucester, England each spring.

Drivers urged to stop taking nude license photos: ‘Please wear clothes’

"Cheers to technology and keeping things classy!" wrote the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

I found the craziest supermarket in the world — it sells tattooed chickens

It also sells gray-white "snake" sausage and features hidden corridors leading to other goodies.

Enraged hubby smashes pageant winner's crown — after wife places second

Second best apparently just wasn’t good enough for this pageant gal’s No. 1 fan.  With rage in his eyes and destruction in his heart, an unhinged husband stormed the stage.

Man rescued after deodorant gets lost in his rectum: 'Foreign body' fetish

No, this is not sophomoric potty humor: A grown man was rushed into emergency surgery after getting a can stuck in his can.

My 5-year-old swallowed 40 pieces of gum — here's what happened next

The boy arrived at the emergency room the next day with cramps and diarrhea thanks to his obstructed GI tract.

Harbor looks like a dolphin in stunning drone pic: 'Cannot be unseen'

"In all my flight time over the Pwllheli harbor I have never noticed this as much as last night, spectacular!" photographer Rhys Jones said.

Humpback whale nearly crashes into boat: 'Scare the hell out of me'

The woman who took the video told The Post that the gigantic mammal touched their boat.

Huge lion gets up close and personal with stunned campers

“If anyone panics and runs or makes sudden movements, the chances are high that they may be attacked," said a witness.

I nearly died after my vision went black — I thought I was in heaven

Talk about heaven on Earth.