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Young pilot describes moment she was blinded by a laser during NYC sightseeing flight

“If you think it’s funny to shoot a laser at an aeroplane, it’s not,” Sabrina Johnson, who flies for a regional airline in the US, warned.

I'm an 'office baddie' — and I make a 'bomb salary' at 'lazy girl' job with unlimited breaks

A woman went viral on TikTok after claiming she get's paid the "big bucks" to sit around and do practically nothing at her office job.

Thrifty college student transforms children's play kitchen into 'magical' bar cart

A University of Delaware student put her DIY skills to the test and transformed a children's plastic kitchenette into a unique and stylish bar cart for herself and her roommates.

Global brands lied about 'forever chemicals' threat: PFAS coverup report

Internal documents reveal how DuPont and 3M kept the dangers of PFAS chemicals secret from the public, from regulators and even from their own employees.

My dog choked to death playing fetch — here's what I wish I knew

"It was like my whole world had come to an end, because he was so good with me and so hardworking. He was like a child," Emma Meen said.

Bruce Willis dementia update: 'He still knows who I am,' Tallulah says

Bruce's family announced that the "Pulp Fiction" star had been diagnosed with aphasia — a brain disorder — in March 2022.

'Annoying' Gen Z fame junkies are ruining this iconic NYC park

A cadre of camera-toting content creators has New Yorkers feeling ambushed.

Fox News meteorologist 'still hopeful' despite tough battle with 'invisible illness'

She shared a special, touching message about multiple sclerosis on World MS Day.

Students prank sleeping principal at home: ‘You are in the most trouble’

The high school administrator did not expect to be hosting a senior sleepover.

Alec Baldwin gets long-delayed hip surgery after 'Rust' wrap: 'Intense chronic pain'

"Alec got a new hip today…it was a long time necessary," Hilaria Baldwin wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

I tore apart my air conditioner to rescue a kitten: 'Never an option to not'

The family, who found the cat on Memorial Day, decided to name their new pet "Murph" after Lt. Michael P. Murphy, the US Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient...

'Demon' NYC lawyer gone from firm after street wig-snatching incident

The attorney came under trending fire when Brooklyn-based singer Lizzy Ashleigh shared startling footage from her recent wig-yanking assault.

Yeezy shoes back on sale — months after Adidas split with Kanye West

The Yeezy products up for sale will include already-existing designs as well as those that were initiated in 2022 and set to be released in 2023.

My $1K side hustle is so easy, 'don't hate the player'

Who doesn't want some extra cash? According to one savvy TikToker, it's as easy as a trip to Costco.

Haters say my house is 'tacky' — but it costs a lot to look 'poor'

An interior designer is hitting back at a troll who questioned her aesthetic taste.

Why this airline is asking to weigh passengers before flying

Air New Zealand announced that they will begin weighing passengers before some international flights.

My 'pervert' father-in-law is obsessed with my breast milk, I told his wife and things only got worse

A new mom explained how various incidents, including making inappropriate comments in their family group chat and eating her breastmilk muffins, ultimately led her to confront her inlaws.

I thought I had a birthmark — until it took over my face

Dallas native Jordan Lopez, 24, said that she had always been aware of the mark but simply dismissed the mass as simply an irritant to her everyday life.

I had the ‘largest legal’ breast implants — here’s why I got them removed

A Miami model with the "biggest fake breasts in the US" has had surgery to remove her enormous implants after claiming they caused her health problems.

Viral video shows raccoon getting a doughnut from Dunkin' drive-thru

When Dunkin' Donuts says "America runs on Dunkin,'" they mean everyone.