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Fox News meteorologist 'still hopeful' despite tough battle with 'invisible illness'

She shared a special, touching message about multiple sclerosis on World MS Day.

Alec Baldwin gets long-delayed hip surgery after 'Rust' wrap: 'Intense chronic pain'

"Alec got a new hip today…it was a long time necessary," Hilaria Baldwin wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

What is berberine? TikTokers say it's 'nature's Ozempic' despite warnings

"I was feeling frustrated and tired of not being able to lose weight," TikToker Savannah Crosby, 34, told The Post.

What makes an 'ideal' breast? Men and women get the secret off their chests

The scientists gathered images of breasts of 25 women who sought aesthetic or reconstructive breast surgery between 2009 and 2019.

I'm a diet coach — this is the ultimate motivation for chubby guys to get fit

Overweight or obese men who suffer from "buried penis syndrome" now may have a firm reason to explore weight loss.

I thought I had a birthmark — until it took over my face

Dallas native Jordan Lopez, 24, said that she had always been aware of the mark but simply dismissed the mass as simply an irritant to her everyday life.

What is HMPV? 'Most important virus you've never heard of' spikes 36%: CDC

"Many people even in health care are unfamiliar with this virus," experts warn — but the disease's serious complications can lead to hospitalization and, in severe cases, death.

Sleep survey reveals top things people’s partners do to ruin their sleep

A recent study of 2,000 U.S. adults who live with a partner discovered that, when it comes to being a considerate co-sleeper, some of your current bedtime rituals may need...

40% of restaurant food poisoning outbreaks are caused by sick employees: CDC

“If there’s a positive food safety culture, you’re not penalized for illness,” Baum said.

Ticks are spreading deadly Powassan virus, CDC warns

There has been an uptick in cases of the once-rare disease.

Leaving the city for suburban life could trigger depression: researchers

People living in "low-rise and single-family housing suburbs" were at a higher risk for developing depression, a new study showed.

I thought my gangly teen had a growth spurt — but it was a brain tumor

"It was terrifying. We weren't expecting it at all," recalled the shocked mother.

Drink and eat these surprising foods to fend off memory loss: new research

Researchers have found that people whose diets were poor in flavanols — a substance found in certain foods — had better memories after three years of taking flavanol supplements.

The dark side of CPR: Why doctors say that it could do more harm than good

The world's most famous life-saving rescue technique is "too good to be true," according to a disturbing new investigation.

'Pathogen storm' of flesh-eating bacteria invading Florida beaches

Maybe New York isn't so bad after all.

I was shamed for 'tree trunk legs' — so I spent $20K on lipo before my wedding

The blushing bride-to-be says she's hoping she'll be fully healed by the time she walks down the aisle next August.

I overhauled my diet after menopause — my body at 52 looks better than ever before

“I think you always have choices in life, and with age you either embrace and work with it, or you fight it and get depressed about it,” Harris said.

Why 'bed rotting' is the newest hot self-care trend for lazy Gen Zers

Fans of "bed rotting" claim it can be a great way to reclaim both physical and mental health — whether people are recovering from a cold, a busy week or...

Man rescued after deodorant gets lost in his rectum: 'Foreign body' fetish

No, this is not sophomoric potty humor: A grown man was rushed into emergency surgery after getting a can stuck in his can.

Artificial intelligence model to help scientists predict whether breast cancer will spread

Oncologists in the U.K. have developed an AI model to help predict whether aggressive forms of breast cancer will spread based on changes in a patient’s lymph nodes.